University of Antwerp

  • SemesterSpring
  • CountryBelgium
  • CityAntwerp

University of Antwerp, Belgium

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The department of Product Devel­opment of the faculty of Design Sci­ences offers in close col­lab­o­ration with other fac­ulties (e.g. engi­neering, edu­ca­tional sci­ences,…) of the Uni­versity of Antwerp the mul­ti­dis­ci­plinary and real life European project Semester (EPS) every spring semester since Feb­ruary 2011. We aim our EPS at stu­dents in engi­neering, business and tech­nology, indus­trial design, ICT-​electronics and mar­keting, but not only! We also offer a variety of EPS project pro­posals aimed at stu­dents in other areas as well, such as teacher training and mul­ti­media. Antwerp is located in the center of Flanders (Dutch speaking part of Belgium in the north) and is a world harbor of inter­na­tional status. The city hosts inhab­i­tants coming from more than 170 coun­tries, which con­tributes to the rich cul­tural life of the city. Antwerp is also sit­uated near other beau­tiful and mul­ti­cul­tural cities such as Brussels, Bruges and Ghent. The majority of Flemish people are mul­ti­lingual speaking Dutch, French, English and German. Hence, the culture and envi­ronment of Antwerp is excellent for incoming stu­dents from all over the world.