AP University College Antwerp

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  • CountryBelgium
  • CityAntwerp

AP University College Antwerp, Belgium

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Students who are selected by their home university or university college to participate in the “regular Erasmus-program” are free to apply for an EPS project, in so far as their study backgrounds comply with the required profiles for the EPS projects they apply for. As EPS projects focus on international teamwork, it is important that students have a solid academic background. Students should therefore have completed at least 4 semesters.

International students
  • Students of universities or university colleges with which AP University College Antwerp has a bilateral agreement in the framework of Erasmus+
  • Students of EPS providers with a study background in Product development, ICT-electronics and applied informatics, Teacher training (pre-primary, primary and/or secondary education), Social work, Social work education, Communication, Marketing, Product placement, Journalism, Business management, Engineering, Energy management, Graphical and digital / Multimedia design, Photography, Fine arts, …
Belgian AP-students
  • Contact the master/bachelor thesis coordinator of your own department to check how you can add EPS to your current program.