Avans University of Applied Sciences

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Avans University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

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The European Project Semester is offered at Avans Uni­versity of Applied Sci­ences at s-​Hertogenbosch, the Nether­lands. Avans Uni­versity is rated among the top applied uni­ver­sities of the Nether­lands. Avans also offers an European Design Project Semester. The EPS program aims for stu­dents from the Engi­neering domain and in general for stu­dents, who are inter­ested in working on various problem-​based projects in an indus­trial envi­ronment. The EDPS program aims for stu­dents from Indus­trial Design Edu­ca­tions and for stu­dents from Engi­neering and other domains, who are inter­ested in working on projects relating to product design, user friendly inter­faces, multi-​media, etcetera.

The Nether­lands is an indus­tri­alised country, where science, research and devel­opment plays an important role. Edu­cation is at a high level. It also is a nation that depends strongly on trade and good rela­tions with other coun­tries; so it is in its best interest to know and under­stand other cul­tures. Dutch people are open, straight forward and most of them speak English.

While attending EPS or EDPS at Avans, you will live in ‘s-​Hertogenbosch (abbre­viated to Den Bosch), which means “Forest of the Duke”. Den Bosch is a renowned, his­toric and wel­coming city at a dis­tance of approx. 90 km from Ams­terdam. Stu­dents flying in through Amsterdam’s Schipol airport take the train from Schipol to central Ams­terdam where they transfer to a train to Den Bosch. Trains run often and reg­u­larly to Den Bosch and throughout the Netherlands.

The EPS and EDPS pro­grams at Avans Uni­versity differs from other EPS providers in this respect, that stu­dents are working on a real-​life project in a company exter­nally. At the same time and mainly during the first 6 weeks of the program preparatory and sup­porting courses/​workshops are attended at the uni­versity itself.

The appli­cation pro­cedure for the EPS or EDPS program is located on the left of our Inter­na­tional web page. Follow the link on this page and fill in the online appli­cation. You’ll also have to send some spe­cific doc­u­ments by mail.