Novia University of Applied Sciences

  • SemesterSpring / Fall
  • CountryFinland
  • CityVaasa

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Detailed information via the university website

EPS is offered at Novia University of Applied Science in Vaasa, Finland. EPS projects offered are mainly focusing on energy and environment, but also contain other essential elements; communication, management, planning, European law, innovation, marketing and language.

Novia is located in the town of Vaasa in the beautiful archipelago on the west coast of Finland. Vaasa is an exceptionally beautifully situated, historical town named after the first king in Sweden; Gustaf Wasa, and has a long tradition of higher education. From here it is easy to reach any spectacular nature view in Finland. There is plenty of room for adventure and exiting exploration trips from Vaasa.

The Novia UAS, which has educational units in Vaasa, , Jakobstad, Åbo and Raseborg, also offers the degree programme “Environmental Engineering” in English in Vaasa. Novia educates multi-skilled and talented engineers, who due to their exclusive training experience, can work in many fields of engineering and apply their knowledge in almost any industrial sector. The employment in the region is the highest in Finland together with the Helsinki area. For more information see